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Mohamed El-Baker

Human rights lawyer and the founder and director of the Adalah Center for Rights and Freedoms.

Arrest: On 29 September 2019, El-Baker was arrested while representing his client, imprisoned human rights activist and blogger Alaa Abdelfattah, who was detained and being interrogated by the Supreme State Security Prosecution (SSSP).

Violations: Deprivation of liberty

Case/cases info

  • Charges: “joining a terrorist group,” “funding a terrorist group,” “disseminating false news undermining national security,” and “using social media to commit a publishing offense” in Case No. 1356/2019.
  • On 29 September 2019 El Baker was physically assaulted by police forces when he arrived to Tora Prison, in practice known as the “Reception” or “Tashrifa”.
  • on 30 August 2020, El-Baker was brought in for questioning and added to Case No. 855/2020 on nearly identical charges, in a practice by Egyptian authorities commonly known as ‘’rotation.’’
  • on 23 November 2020, the Official Gazette published the decision of the Cairo Criminal Court to include El-Baker on the “terrorists list” for five years as a part of an entirely different case, No. 1781/2019.  As a result of this designation, El-Baker is subject to a travel ban, his assets are frozen, and he is prohibited from engaging in political or civic work for five years. In all three cases, El-Baker has been denied due process, including the right to present a defense and challenge the lawfulness of his detention, or in Case No. 1781/2019, even be informed that he was under investigation.
  • On 20 December 2021 Emergency State Security Misdemeanors Court sentenced Mohamed El-Baker to 4 years in prison for “spreading false news using a social networking site” in Case No. 1228/2021.

Detention conditions

Lawyer Mohammed El-Baker is imprisoned at the notorious Tora Maximum Security Two prison, known for its inhuman conditions, such as lack of clean water, poor ventilation, and overcrowding. Prison authorities deny El Baker the right to exercise, see the sun, or breathe fresh air. He is also denied the right to adequate health care. 

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Ahead of #COP27, we call on #Egypt to release Mohamed El-Baker, arbitrary detained since 2019 due to his work as a human rights lawyer

@copcivicspace #COP27 #FreeThemAll

Tweet: Mohamed ElBaker: Human rights lawyer, the founder & director of Adalah Center for Rights and Freedoms Baker was arrested in 2019 while representing his client, imprisoned human rights, activist & blogger Alaa Abdelfattah @copcivicspace #COP27 #FreeThemAll

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